What Corona is teaching ?

What Corona is teaching?

Last month, the world's richest man, Bill Gates, donated 85 million to fight the coronavirus. Bill Gates also believes that there is a spiritual secret behind all this destruction and calamity. What Does COVID 19 Corona Teach Us? I believe that there is a strong spiritual reason behind the emotional-spiritual reason given by Yuju Rai, a shared post worker, in the open letter he wrote in the title, whether we take it for good or bad. As I pondered this, I gained some insight into what Kovid-19 has done to us, which I would like to share with you here.1. It reminds us that we are all equal, regardless of our religion, creed, profession, financial status, or reputation. This disease has treated us all equally and we should probably do the same. If you don't believe it, ask Tom Hank. It reminds us that we are all connected to each other. One thing that affects someone affects another. This virus tells us that since we do not need a passport, the false boundaries we have created have no value. It reminds us of the plight of those who live under oppression and pressure in this world for a short time.3. It shows us how important our health is and how much we are neglecting our health by eating unhealthy foods. It reminds us of how short our lives are and teaches us what we need to do in this short life. All we have to do is help each other. Especially those sick people. Our purpose is not to buy toilet paper rolls.5. It shows how much and how materialistic our society has become. It has shown how important food, water, and medicine are to us in times of emergency, while at other times we are giving more importance to non-essential items. It has taught us the importance of our family and home life that we have been ignoring other times. It has given us the opportunity to return to our home and reunite at home and strengthen family unity. Our real work7. It has taught us that our profession is not our real job. He reminded us that it is our job to do that, but we are not born to do that, it is just a profession that we do. Our real job is to take care of each other, protect each other, and work for each other's benefit. It reminds us to test our ego. No matter how big we think of ourselves or how big others think of us, a virus can deactivate our condition.9. It has taught us that the power of our free will is in our hands. Whether we become helpful, kind, helpful, or selfish, thinking only about ourselves is up to us. In fact, the upheavals bring out the real face of man. It shows us whether we can be patient or fearful. We either understand that this situation has come to the world before and it is still going away, or we start thinking that this is the end of the world.11. It has taught us that this can be the end of the beginning of the new. It tells us that our earth is sick. The sooner we take care of our toilet paper rolls, the sooner we understand the state of deforestation. Our house is sick. That is why we are sick too.13. It has taught us all that easy times come after hard times. Life is like a cycle, the current crisis is also a phase of the cycle, we should not panic, it is also terrifying. While many see Corona (Virus Covid-19) as a major outbreak, I see it as an opportunity to correct a mistake. It reminds us of the important lessons we have forgotten. Whether we learn a lesson from it or not is up to us.

Thousands died

Kathmandu, June 7:

Brazil, a South American country that is becoming a new epicenter of the coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic, has recently seen more daily deaths and infections than the United States. In Brazil, 27,263 people were confirmed infected on the same day, while 1,232 people died in a single day on Tuesday due to the carina virus. Brazil now ranks first in the world not only in the number of new infections added daily but also in the number of daily deaths. Last week, more new infections were seen in Brazil than in the United States, and this is continuing. As of Wednesday morning, the number of infected people in Brazil, which is the second-largest in the world, has reached 556,668. The death toll from Kareena has risen to 31,278 so far. The United States, which has one of the highest rates of corona infection and death in the world, still has an average of 1,000 daily deaths. As many as 1,134 people died and 21,882 were newly infected with the virus on Tuesday. At the same time, the total number of infected people in the United States has exceeded 1.881 million. As of this writing, the corona infection has spread to 1.881 million people in the United States. So far, 1 lakh 8 thousand 59 people have lost their lives due to the infection of this virus. But more than 645,000 have been evacuated. Currently, the virus is active in more than 1.127 million people. However, out of the total number of infected people in Brazil, more than 240,000 have recovered. There are currently more than 284,000 people active in the coronavirus. Export rates in Brazil are higher than in the United States. Brazil is second only to the United States in terms of Carina infection, but the United Kingdom is second only to the United States in terms of deaths. Corona has so far killed 39,369 people in the UK. The total number of infected people has reached 277,985. Spain is ahead of the United Kingdom in the wave of Carina infection. So far, the total number of infected people is 2 lakh 87 thousand 12. However, in recent days there have been fewer cases of new infections. On Tuesday, the number of daily deaths dropped to zero, according to World Meters data. No new deaths have been reported in Spain since May 26. Russia, meanwhile, ranks third in terms of total infections but has a low mortality rate. In Russia, more than 423,000 people have been infected so far, but only 5,037 have died. A total of 8,863 people were infected and 182 died on Tuesday. Similarly, in Italy, which was plagued by epidemics a few weeks ago, there has been a significant reduction in daily deaths and infections. At least 55 people were killed and 318 more were infected in Italy on Tuesday.
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