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1060 isolation beds are being constructed in Karnali Province

                     June 19, Surkhet. The Karnali state government is planning to construct 1,060 isolation beds in 24 places in the state. A cabinet meeting held on Monday decided to construct 1,060 isolation beds at various local levels of the state and purchase 6,000 PCR test kits, said Social Development Minister Dal Rawal. Minister Rawal informed that the construction of isolation beds has started with priority at the local level where the infection has spread.

                                100 beds in Devasthal Health Post in Kupinde Bangad of Salyan, 50 beds in Bagchaur Health Post, 50 beds in Dhanbada Health Post in Purkot, 50 beds in Dashera Health Post in Chhedagad Municipality of Jajarkot, 50 beds in Dalli Primary Health Center in Nalgad Municipality and 50 beds in Athabiskot Health Post in Rukum West. Is about to be built.

Similarly, 50 beds in Salkot Health Post in Panchpuri Municipality, 50 beds in Mehelkuna Hospital in Gurbhakot Municipality, 50 beds in Awalching Health Center in Chingad Municipality and 50 beds in Midwestern University Building in Birendranagar Municipality will be operated. In Dailekh, 50 beds will be provided in the building of Narayan Campus of Narayan Municipality, 50 beds in Lakandra Health Center of Thantikandh Village Municipality, 50 beds in Rakum Health Post of Athabiskot Municipality and 50 beds in Dullu Hospital of Dullu Municipality.

He also informed that 50 beds will be constructed in Ramrakot Health Post of Pachaljharna, 50 beds in Kumalgaon Health Center of Narharinath Municipality, 50 beds in Jubitha Health Post of Tilagufa Municipality, 50 beds in Raskot Municipality and 50/50 isolation beds in Tatopani and Sinja villages of Jumla. Minister Rawal said that the construction work of the isolation bed will start on Tuesday.

Another PCR machine will be purchased

The state government has decided to purchase two more PCR testing machines as the number of infected people of Kovida-19 has increased in Karnali. Machines are being procured for State Hospital Surkhet and Dailekh District Hospital. At present, there are three PCR testing machines at Karnali Institute of Health Sciences, Jumla, State Hospital, and Veterinary Disease Research Laboratory. After the machine broke down, it has been sent back to the concerned company.

One lakh 69 thousand citizens entered Karnali in the lockdown

Speaking in the state assembly on Monday, Minister Rawal said that 169,850 people had entered Karnali from Nepal, India, and other third countries during the lockdown period. They were only given a simple test through the health desk. According to Minister Rawal, Karnali has a capacity of 29,139 people, and 22,482 people are in quarantine so far. There are 550 isolation beds, 44 ICUs, and 17 ventilators in the state. 3377 health workers have been deployed across the state

In Karnali, corona was confirmed in 35 more people and the number of infected people reached 233


                              June 19, Surkhet. In Karnali, 35 more people were infected on Monday. A PCR test conducted at the State Hospital and Veterinary Disease Investigation Laboratory in Surkhet confirmed corona infection in 35 more people.

Of the 35 people added, 16 are from Surkhet, 9/9 from Dailekh and Salyan and one from Achham, said Nawaraj Kandel, head of the public health branch under the Ministry of Social Development. Surkhet's Lekveshi municipality ward no. 12 of 1, 2, 3, and 5, Panchpuri municipality ward no. There is one in 10 and three in Bheriganga Municipality-11. An 8-year-old girl of Lekweshi Municipality-1 and a 4-year-old boy of Bheriganga Municipality-11 have also been infected.

Dailekh's Narayan Municipality ward no. There are 7 men from 1, 3, and 8, one man from Chamunda Bindrasaini Municipality 7 and one man from Naumule Village Municipality 2. Similarly, Salyan Bangad Kupinde Municipality Ward no. There are 9 males in 3, 4, and 6 and one in Achham Chowpati Gaonpalika 2.

With the newly confirmed cases, the number of corona cases in Karnali has reached 233. On Monday morning alone, corona infection was confirmed in 32 people in Surkhet.
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