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Relief distribution to Nepalis in Qatar is fast, now waiting for rescue 

Doha, Qatar. 

Efforts are being made to implement and implement the precautionary and preventive measures taken by the Qatari government to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus, which has become a global epidemic. 

Meanwhile, the National Coordinating Council of the Non-Resident Nepali Association, Qatar has formed a relief and relief distribution committee under the auspices of the Nepali Mission to distribute relief items to the Nepali community through Qatar Charity under the direction of the Government of Qatar. 

The association has completed the 15th phase of relief distribution by Thursday. NCC Qatar President Mohammad Muktada said that relief materials were distributed to 3,514 Nepali workers from the relief distributed to 301 people in the 15th phase. 

The relief distributed in the first phase was distributed through the Qatar Red Cross, the second and third phase of the Red Cross through the NCC Qatar received by the Nepali Mission. The fourth, fifth and sixth phases of the relief are being distributed from the NCC Qatar Labor Fund, and the seventh phase is being distributed in conjunction with the NCC Qatar, said Uttam Gurung, Coordinator, Covid-19, Rescue, and Relief Distribution Committee. 

NCC Qatar needs more support as there is not enough material from the charity. In this case, the number of different collaborators has increased. Meanwhile, 300 kg of rice and 100 kg of pulses from Syangja Sahyog Samaj Qatar, 300 kg from Jhapali Samaj Qatar, 300 from Dharane Out of Dharane Group, 150 from Tamu Samaj Qatar, 150 from NCC Qatar President Mohammad Muktada Musalman, 150 kg from NCC First Vice President and Relief Distribution Coordinator Uttam Gurung. Javindra Acharya, the Deputy Coordinator of Kovid 19, Rescue and Relief Distribution Committee, informed that they have already provided assistance. 

Relief distribution is being carried out in the presence of representatives of the Nepali Embassy, National and International Committees of the Non-Resident Nepali Association, members of the Relief and Rescue Committee, representatives of various organizations, journalists and other collaborators, said Padam Giri, General Secretary of the Non-Resident Nepali Association Qatar. 

One thousand capacity holding center ready in Bhaktapur 

Bhaktapur. Province no. The Nepal Army has set up a holding center to house the citizens of class 1 and 2. A team of health workers has been mobilized at the center 

The government has started the process of repatriation of Nepalis living abroad from today. Nepalis who were forced to return home due to the uncomfortable situation caused by the global infection of COVID-19 are being repatriated. 

Among the Nepalis who arrived from Myanmar by army ship as the first flight, a team of health workers including Bhaktapur Hospital and Army doctors along with a team of Bir Dal Gana Suryabinayak, Armed Police Force and Nepal Police are mobilized to keep the citizens of Provinces No. 1 and 2 in the holding center. 

Volunteers of the Bhaktapur branch of the Nepal Red Cross Society have been deployed at the center at the Imperial Bucket in Suryabinayak Municipality-5, Katunje, holding the citizens of Province No. 1 and at the Heritage Banquet in Madhyapurthimi Municipality-4, Radheradhe. A team of the Nepal Army had also conducted exercises at both the centers on how to manage the foreigners in the holding center and how to complete the process. 

Ganapati and Colonel Shiva Poudel of the same battalion informed that they went to Tribhuvan Airport with an army vehicle to pick up the citizens coming from Myanmar. According to him, the Holding Center has completed all the necessary preparations. A team of Army, Armed and Nepal Police, Bhaktapur Hospital, and Health Team including Army Doctors, Medicine, Ambulance, Red Cross Volunteers, Distributing SIM Card, Filling Form with Personal Details, Resting, Managing Food. Are in condition. 

He informed that the holding center has been constructed as per the standards of the World Health Organization. According to him, the team brought Nepali nationals from Myanmar had only one member from Province No. 1 and even though he was 
sent to the center in Kathmandu, the nationals coming from other countries will be kept in both the holding centers here this afternoon. 

Arrangements have been made to accommodate one thousand people in the two states, to put them in a bus provided by the state, to stay until they are sent, to rest and to sleep up to 20 people. For the citizens of Bhaktapur who have returned from abroad, they have been brought to the Easy Way Trial Center in Radheradhe and from there all the four municipalities of the district have taken the responsibility of the citizens of their respective cities and taken them to quarantine. 

The CCMC is preparing to provide quarantine to all the four municipalities to keep the citizens of Bhaktapur returning from abroad. The quarantine at Kharipati, Sanothimi Campus, and other areas are fully compliant with human rights if required. 

85,000 people infected with coronavirus in Pakistan 

Pakistan. The number of people infected with the coronavirus in Pakistan has reached 85,000. It has been informed that 4,688 people have been infected here recently. According to the Ministry of Health, the number of infected people has reached 85,000, including those recently added. 

The ministry said on Wednesday alone that 4,065 people had been infected. It is said that 4 thousand 688 people reached on Friday morning. The death toll from the virus has reached 1,770. Health officials here say the number of people who have recovered from the virus is 30,128. 

The province of Sindh is the worst affected. Here alone, 33,000 corona infections have been found. The next worst affected area is Punjab province where 31,000 people have been found infected. 

Although the number of people infected with the coronavirus is increasing day by day, Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the lockdown will not continue for a long time to save the country's economy. 

 A dream project of football is being made in Bhedabari of Kaski, 175.5 million budget has been passed 


A football training center is to be set up at Bhedabari in Machhapuchhre village municipality of Kaski district. The All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) is planning to build a multi-purpose football training center in Bhedabari. The budget for this has come from FIFA, the highest body of football. 

The construction of a multi-purpose football training center in Bhedabari has been started with the help of FIFA, the apex body of football. ANFA has also allocated a budget of Rs. 175.5 million for the construction of the training center in the new fiscal year. The meeting of the working committee has decided to pass a budget of around Rs. 175 million for the construction of the training center. 

According to ANFA President Karmachhiring Lama, the budget has been passed and work will start from the new fiscal year. It will be constructed on about 252 ropanis of land. The village municipality has provided land for the football training center. According to the detailed project report (DPR) for the construction of the training center, arrangements will be made for accommodation for up to 35 people. 

The training center, which is being constructed as a dream project of Nepal, aims to conduct exercises and training for the national football team, referees, coaches, and various age groups. It is expected to make a big contribution to the development of football in Gandaki. 

ANFA aims to bring foreign football players to the center for training. It is expected to develop sports tourism. According to the DPR prepared by ANFA, three natural grounds with a capacity of 5,000 spectators will be constructed inside the training center. A swimming pool, restaurant, library, gym hall, and a conference hall of international standards will also be constructed in the center. "This is a preliminary budget and there will be other budgets from FIFA," he said. FIFA has instructed ANFA to complete the project in three phases.
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