Actress Manisha Koirala, who has been living in Mumbai, has come to Nepal through the Belahiya border crossing of Bhairahawa.

 Actress Manisha Koirala, who has been living in Mumbai, has come to Nepal through the Belahiya border crossing of Bhairahawa. Actress Manisha Koirala, who came to prominence due to the Nepal-India border dispute, came to Nepal by land after the border was opened.

On Tuesday, he returned home from Belahiya in a private vehicle with his father and mother, said Rupandehi Chief District Officer Mahadev Pantha. His family, who came from Belahiya Naka, has been told to stay in quarantine at the hotel.

He was dragged into controversy by the Indian media over his response after Nepal, including Lampiyadhura, Lipulek, and Kalapani, made the map public. He was welcomed from Nepal and praised for his stand. The map in the stamp is registered in the parliament only for a change.

Law Minister Shiva Maya Tumbahangphe has introduced the Constitution Amendment Bill in the House of Representatives of the Federal Parliament on Sunday. A meeting of the Central Committee of the Nepali Congress, the main opposition party, held on June 3 has directed the party's parliamentary party to vote in favor of the proposed amendment to the constitution.

Entrepreneur's demand to make the lockdown

Businessmen of Pokhara have demanded to open all kinds of businesses by easing the ban. The Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Gandaki Pradesh, Pokhara Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Lekhnath Chamber of Commerce and Industry have handed over a memorandum to the Gandaki Chief Minister's Office urging for a conducive environment for the businessmen.

In the memorandum, it has been demanded to provide full security and run the business by setting a schedule. A memorandum signed by Sanjeev Bahadur Koirala, president of Federation of Nepali Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Gandaki, Damu Adhikari, president of Pokhara Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Balram Dhakal, president of Lekhnath Chamber of Commerce and Industry said that opening the business on time would boost the economy.
Considering the disparity of the situation, the state government has been requested to make arrangements for exemption in real estate tax and other taxes under the jurisdiction of the state and local governments. Stating that the budget brought by the federal government has not been able to motivate the private sector in the memorandum, the policy, and program of the state government has been praised.

One lakh to the families who died from corona infection

The government of Province No. 5 will provide relief of Rs. One lakh to the families of those who die due to corona infection in the province. Today's meeting of the Council of Ministers of the state government has decided to provide Rs.

The meeting has made an arrangement to provide Rs. The vehicles have been assigned to the Corona Special Hospital at Sushil Koirala Acute Cancer Hospital in Khajuraho, Banke, and the Corona Special Hospital in Belzhundi, Dang.

The meeting has decided to approve the first amendment 2077 of the Corona Virus Control and Treatment Fund (Establishment and Operation) Directive. He informed that the revised directive has also decided to provide services to the health workers, security personnel and other manpower to be deployed in the corona control work.

The revised guidelines provide for the management of the budget for equipment, medicines, materials, swab collection and operation expenses required for the establishment and operation of laboratories for testing for coronavirus, provision of food expenses for infected persons living in isolation centers for corona treatment, health workers involved in their treatment, security personnel and others. Spokesperson Chaudhary informed.

Spokesperson Chaudhary informed that the meeting also passed the Gender Contact Point Management and Operation Procedure 2077 BS and the State Children's Club Network Formation and Operation Procedure 2077 BS.

The scope of testing should be expanded, including quarantine management

In today's meeting of the Gandaki Provincial Assembly, the members of the Provincial Assembly have stressed the need to increase the scope of testing including the management of quarantine in case of the spread of the Corona epidemic. In the policy and program of the fiscal year 2077/78 presented by the state chief Amik Sherchan in the state assembly on Sunday, most of the members said that the transition could increase if the quarantine is not organized and demanded to increase the scope of testing with proper management.

State Assembly member, Kopila Bohora said that people were dying of hunger rather than disease due to long-term closure. Urging to increase the scope of corona testing in all the 11 districts of the state, he urged to make the isolation complete with proper management of quarantine. He urged to make arrangements for safe and speedy education so that it is accessible to all children.

Another member, Ram Bahadur Gurung, said that if exports could be increased by substituting imports, we would not have to migrate abroad for employment, adding that there was a challenge to manage the employment of Nepalis who had lost their jobs. Member Lalit Kala Gurung said that it was essential to pay attention to the safety of the quarantine in the school. He said that the announced program should have been implemented in a way that the people could feel, but it did not happen.

Member Indralal Sapkota said that the impact of the shutdown was felt in the economy, adding that the government had brought policies and programs to give hope to the people. He said that the policy and program have given priority to agriculture, industry, tourism, and other sectors including Dalits, women, and minorities.

Member Bishnu Prasad Lamichhane said that the country was in dire straits, adding that the first priority was to provide health care and relief to the people. He said that the state should be made self-reliant and the landless squatters were not mentioned in the policy and program.

Member Dilmaya Rokkamagar stressed on the need to be self-reliant in agriculture, adding that issues including speeding up development have been mentioned in the policy and program. Emphasizing on production and productivity, he said that the government has clearly mentioned the development of all sections and communities.

Member Dobate Bishwakarma said that he could not directly experience the fact that last year's programs were limited to slogans. He said that information should be provided on how the landless squatters are managed. He said that abstract programs only create confusion among the people. He alleged that the constituency infrastructure program was being distributed in a discriminatory manner.

Member Rajiv Pahari said that the policy and program have clearly mentioned the work to be done in the coming days including the review of the past of infrastructure development. Stating that a lot of work has been completed in the meantime, he said that the work has been moved forward in a way that the people at the grassroots level can feel. He said that the pace of development has stopped due to Corona. Stating that the government is working to prevent any death due to disease and hunger, he said that the government has given top priority to health care.
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