Know new about USB |2020|


   Hello, Friends today in this post I am going to tell you about the different types of USB cables of which most of us are unknown. when we talk about the USB type cable we see various types of cables Type A, Type B, Type C. Along with it there are also a male port and female port, USB 2.0, 3.0, etc. 

let us know what is the USB cable and differences between them

                                             USB stands for Universal Serial Bus. It is a component which is used in all most all electronic devices which can we see on mobile, computer, printer, etc. In short It is simply a component that is used to transfer data from one device to another. In the market, we can find various types of USB cables i.e USB type A, USB Type B, USB Type C.

What is USB Type-A?

                                   It is a standard USB type. Its shape is flat and rectangular. It is the most popular and commonly used USB type. And I am sure if you use a mobile to charge most of you have seen it while charging your mobile because it is commonly available. You can find easily everywhere You can see it also in the back part of your CPU not only in CPU is also used in the laptop. In this way, there are many places where you can see this type of USB Type. In type A there is also two-part i.e male and female.
                                               The part in which you plugin any component this part is known is Female and the component which you connect basically calls male. For example, when you connect your Pendrive to your computer the part which you connect is called male and the part of computer where you connect is call female. 

What is USB Type B?

                                       It looks like a square shape. It is mostly used to connect the device such as a printer, external USB. The size of Type A is large so to connect it the mini connector or micro cable is used to reduce the size of Type A. The size of the connector helps to reduce the size of USB Type-A. It is mostly used in old phones to connect the charger. But nowadays in all types of mobile Micro USB cable is used.

What is USB Type C


                                    It is becoming popular day by day. In all the mobiles you can find out USB cables. Its main feature is that you can connect it from any side but in other USB Type you must be careful while connecting otherwise if you connect wrongly connect your charger will be damage. So due to this by using Type C there is a very low chance of damaging a charger. 

                                       Now, most of you have listen about USB 2.0, USB 3.0. It is basically the version of USB which helps us to know the generation or version of your USB cable and how fast your USB is. 
                                   So friends in upcoming days the version of USB will go on increasing. So by reading from the first, you came to know that what is USB and its types i.e Type A, Type B, and Type C.
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