Does backlinks work in 2020 ?



                                              Hello, friend if are you searching about backlinks in blogger then you are in the perfect post. In this post,  today I am going to give complete information about the backlinks its benefits and its disadvantage.

                             So firstly we should know what is Backlinks. In a simple way, if we say Backlinks are the link on a certain website that when clicked linked into another site. An anchor link is a text that is used to create a backlink.

Why are Backlinks important for a blogger?
                There are various reasons for creating the backlinks for the blog. So according to blogger, it may differ for what they want to have backlinks. Some of the common reason behind creating the backlinks for the blogger are :

1. Ranking:

                                 For ranking in google, search engines see backlinks as votes of confidence. In a simple way, it means that how more the backlink you have that more chance you have toa rank on google. If you write any article, for gaining the traffic your post must rank in google. If your post is seen on the first page of google then there is a high chance of getting numbers of traffics in your post.
So backlinks play a vital role in ranking your post.


2. Domain Authority

                                               Many of us create backlinks for increasing the authority of Domain. according to the google policy if we have more backlinks then there is a high chance of increasing of the authority of the domain.


What will happen if you have high domain authority?
If you have high domain authority then
Google will index your post faster than normal post after indexing on google your post may rank on the first page of google which is very benefiting for the blogger.

3. High Traffic

                                        Backlinks act as a backbone for the blogger for getting traffics. with the help of quality backlinks, you can gain the desired number of traffics because the backlinks connect another website to your website. If there is more backlink in your website then the post will rank in the first page of google due to which it is very easy to get massive traffics



                                      Since there are two different types of backlinks so both of them have different meanings one is Do-follow backlinks and another is No-follow backlinks.

1. Do-follow backlinks:


                        The backlink which passes the authority (link juice) from the referring website to another linked website is called as Do-follow backlinks. Google crawlers(spider) count these links and their anchor text and give benefits to the blogger. Due to the Do follow backlink blogger can connect the one's website with his/her website and can get more domain authority and ranking.

2. No-follow Backlinks

                            The backlink which does not passes the authority (link juice) from the referring website to another linked website is called No-follow backlinks. Google crawlers(spider) does not count these links and their anchor text and does not give benefits to the blogger. This backlink is only for linking not for getting juice from the website. So it does not provide any benefits to the blogger.

Do Backlinks work in 2020?

                                      If you are searching for the above question then my answer will be No but sometimes, if you make backlinks from the website, having great Domain Authority then only it works else not.
                                    Some times if you are successful in making backlinks from high authority domains, educational website then that backlink will act as a do-follow backlink and gives juice to your website. In 2020 the update of google made the value of do-follow and no-follow almost the same. 
                So according to my opinion, the backlinks will not play a great role in ranking on google's first page in 2020. You must be concerned about your quality of content for ranking on google.


                         From this post, we came to know that what are backlink and what are its type, why the blogger needs backlinks and does the backlinks in 20220, etc. Please share it in social media so everyone can get knowledge about backlinks.
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