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How to start blogging

Are you looking for the easiest way to start a blog?
Then you are in the right place
                         In this post, I am going to show how can we start a blog initially (with pictures)

What is a blog actually?

                            In short, a blog is just a website that mainly focuses on your writing skill or content which you should do regularly update. In a trendy world, all of us have heard about the blog on topics. In our culture, most of us write a blog about the celebrity's are trending news.
                                   The main focus of a successful blogger must reader-friendly. So that they can attract as much as a reader for their blog. In addition, must of blogger put comment section in their blog so that the reader can give an opinion to them about their blogpost. Not only this blogger also puts the reaction section so that the reader can react to the blogpost as they desire. The reason behind doing all these things is to get a direct connection with the reader which is one core benefit of starting a blog.
                        Due to this connection bloggers can easily know the desire of audiences or readers what type of post they want and also it allows a blogger to build trust with the audience.

What is different between the Website and a blog?

In short, the Website is just a collection of webpages. It is said to be a website if it is not updated regularly.
                                             Whereas, A blog is like an e-diary where you have to write different article and get do update regularly.

The main question is that should you start blogging or not?

                                According to my opinion, it is, of course, yes if are passionate about writing the article and posting different article or blog post on the internet. For starting a blog you must be a good writer who can able to write on different or selective topics. And it is certain that you don't need to be an expert on writing but you should have knowledge of writing.

To become a successful blogger there are only two requirements that you must have 2P which is passion and patience.

                               As we all know that blogging is the medium for sharing your knowledge in front of the world. By choosing the topic in which you are passionate you could be easily a successful blogger. For becoming a successful blogger it directly depends upon you that how you present your topic in front of the world.

Why people start blogging?

Here we have a list of some common reasons for starting a blog. They are:
  • To make money by sitting at home: This reason is one of the most common for starting a blog. Every one of us wants to earn money. So most people think that it is very easy to earn money by blogging but they leave in the middle because they don't have any patience. It doesn't mean that it is very hard to earn by blogging but you must have patience. The top blogger of the world earns a lot due to his/her 2P which is patience and passion. By being a part-time blogger you can easily make a nice profit if everything goes correctly. The best part of blogging is that you can get passive earning by spending a few hours of a week. 
  • To share stories: Some of us are very passionate about writing the daily events happened in our life, story, poems, etc.  So if you are passionate about writing such things blogging is the best platform to share it. From any corner of the world, people can read your story, poems, etc.

How to start blogging by following only 5 steps

Step-1 : Pick a perfect name for your blog.

Step-2 : Get your blog online.
                                   The only method of making the blog online is that you have to register your blog and get hosting. If you start your blog through you don't need to buy any hosting because it itself provides free hosting but you have to buy a domain name for your blog i.e Whereas if you start blogging through WordPress or another website you must have to buy hosting which cost quite more for blogging learner. So I suggest that if you are a learner then you can go for which costs only you for buying a domain name.

Step-3 : Customize your blog.
                                   It simply means changing the design or appearance of your blog. Choose a free template for starting a blog. There are various websites which provide you free templates for blog. You can also design your own blog by using different web designing tools.

Step-4 : Write and publish your post

1. Click on new post or create post for creating the first post

2. Then a new page will appear and write what you want and click on publish. Your post will be published shortly


3. After publishing your post it seems like as shown below

4. To view the appearance of the blog click on view blog and the following tab will be displayed.

                                   In this way, you can publish your post in Blogspot.

Step-5 : After posting your post in Blogspot promote your site so more people can come to your site and can read your content.

After doing all these things now how can we earn money by Blogging?

                         In blogging, there are various way for earning money some of the methods which are  trusted and followed by almost people are :
1. By running ads in your blog
2. By affiliates marketing

By running ads in blog:

                                      Let firstly know how we can earn money by running ads in a blog. There are many companies which want to promote their product whole over the world. So for promoting their product blogging plays a vital role. We get a certain amount of money by running their ads on our blog. And Google Adsense is the best website that does this task which means it provides us ads to promote and give money based on the total views.

By affiliates marketing:

                                  Affiliate marketing is an another method of earning money in blogging. In affiliate marketing we have to sell the product from e-commerce sites such as amazon. If we successfully sell them by advertising their products in our blog then we get money in the form of commission by the e-commerce sites. Amazon affiliate is one of the example of its.

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