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Visit Nepal 2020

                                 Nepal is a small country with diversities in its culture, language, traditions, etc. The country is completely filled with natural and cultural beauty to attract and capture the tourist's eyes.
                                     After the success of visit Nepal 1998 and Nepal's Tourism year 2011, the tourism board of Nepal has introduced a visit Nepal 2020 campaign. Firstly the campaign was announced in 2015 and was supposed to held in 2018 but due to the several circumstances and barriers, it was later postponed to 2020. The main reason for the postponed of the campaign was the 2015 devastating earthquake and it impacts on tourists. So it took a long time to recreate those infrastructure which were destroyed and the government of Nepal were trying to do their best to recreate what was damaged and destroyed. That's so why the tourism board postponed the campaign 
                               With only a couple of days remaining for the start of the year 2020, the government, as well as the citizen's of the nation, are at their best to promote the campaign visit Nepal 2020

Q.  Why to visit Nepal?

                                  Nepal is a home of mountains, natural beauty and cultural as well as traditional beauty. Nepal has been allocated at the 5th rank among the top 10 countries to visit and as well as it is on the number 1 rank in the world's valued destination list 
                                                                            Here are the top 5 reasons to visit Nepal:


                    Nepal is most famous all over the world for its trekking sites and mountain. For a person fond of mountaineering, then to visit Nepal is the best choice for him/her because, among the world's 14 tallest mountains, 8 mountains are here in Nepal including the world's tallest mountain MT.EVEREST. And in Nepal trekking comes with viewing the natural beauty and Himalayas and the beautiful landscapes along with knowing the lifestyles of people living in altitude above 4000m.


                                         Nepal is rich in it's culture and traditions. Nepal boasts in cultural diversity and the vast difference is shown in the heritages and temples. There are countless ethnic groups following their own act and religions. This diverse traditions lifestyle is a prominent feature of Nepalese people. One can experience different kinds of cultures including the varieties of foods that are found in each ethnic group.


                                         Since Nepal is rich in natural beauty, it is also blessed with the richness in the biodiversity of flora and fauna. Nepal boasts a wide range of animals and plants including some of the rare and endangered species. There are 208 species of mammals including. Bengal tiger, Cosac fox, one-horned rhino, etc and around 900 species of birds including Danphe (national bird) a type of Pheasant, Spiny Babbler, Himalayan Griffon Vulture.


                                    Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal, is the cultural hub. The city is full of sites and sounds, actions and smell and you will get an introduction to a unique culture of Nepal set in a valley surrounded by the Himalayans, mountains. It is a city of temples having more than 100 temples including one of the oldest pagodas known as Pashupatinath temple. And one can see the living godness of hindu religion 'Kumari' in Nepal and the varities of food culture which can get your appetite any time 


                                                       People in Nepal are exceedingly warm and welcoming. They belives the guests as the gods and always they make you feel it like your own home. They always try to make comfortable as much as possible. If you will ask a friend who has visited Nepal before then they will tell how friendly people are here are. The people let you to get into their culture and tradition. There is a saying that, "You first come here for mountains and again you return here for the people". You will get all the people with good hearts.
                                                                    If you want see the heaven then it's the best time for you to taste something different in ife you can possibly visit Nepal and I bet you it will be your life time memory. You will see the heaven in real.
Withs lots of love we requesr you to visit nepal once
                                                                                                                                 - The Writer

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