We may not be perfect, we may have flaws,
                         but one thing is certain we all love Santa Claus,💕💕

Dear santa,

                                 Christmas came once again same like as it comes every year and it's the season of gifts.  Hey santa, this time I have a long list of gifts that I wanted from you not for me but for the people whom I love. I don't need anything from you because I blessed with gift of  wonderful family and all.
                                                       The first gift I wanted or I could ever have is the tears of happiness in mom's eyes. My mom bears the most precious smile that admires all hearts. My mom can understood the unsaid words that I couldn't able to say. I just wanted to give her the world's best gift that anyone could ever have.
                                                       Next gift I wanted is for my tough father who have protected me from the stromy days and harsh night. I want you to bring smile in his cheerful face. I can tell the sky and stars there is no doubt I have the world's best dad. He is always there holding my back and I can tell he is my super dad.
                                                       I too wanted a gift for my little brother. Give my brother everything he had ever wanted and never let the smile in his face gets fade. Fill his eyes with innonce and heart with kindness. Make him strong enough to find his path in the darkest places.
                                                        Another gift I wanted is for my cute little sister, make her glow as bright as stars, give her smile that can heal pains of other's life. Make her as beautiful as the princess of fairy tales with the heart filled up with kindness.
                                                         I wanted a gift for my life dumbiest, funniest, craziest and the most lovable persons of my life ,"My friends". They laughed, cried and enjoyed with me. I want them to be happy. Whether I can achieve anything or not but I wanted them to achieve their life's goals and aims. They might become doctors, engineers or anything else in their life, Give them the gift of faith and smile so that they can enhance everyone life.
                                                          And now the gift for those whom one's I hated, whom I am hating and those whom I am missing, whom I would be missing in future "My teachers" the most selfishless person in the world who could have ever thought about my success rather than their own loving child. I wanted a gift of honor, a gift of happiness and gifts filled with a lots of love for them. I just wanna thank them for whatever they did, I pray for their life good will.
                                                            I wanted a gifts of smile for everyone who could possibly be any one whom I have seen met or the unknown one for every single being that could breathe the sort of life and have a existence
                                                                                                                                  From the wisher
                                                                                                                                           The writer    

Hey dear special
The one who is reading it
                                  I just wanna tell you, your family, friends and everyone loves the way you are   
                            so  cheerup  and smile :) :) :)    

         Spreading the love💞 ❤️
      From everyone's hearts
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December 26, 2019 at 9:14 AM ×

Jack. From America
I just read it and felt so nice and it touched me

Congrats bro Anonymous you got PERTAMAX...! hehehehe...