The journey of life keeps going. We all are the traveler of these journeys. Some of we walk these journey in the path for a time some starts with us while others end up with us. We walk also with the people who have started their journey for a long. The path of our journey is what is made by our parents. The guide for a long way but they can never be with this for a long time. They end up this journey and start a new one. We just hope to see them in our next journey but we all know that we gonna meet them again as a stranger 
                                            My mom, the god for me  and my whole world when her new journey started, my journey stopped for long a while. I had just lost my path and didn't have anywhere to go. The other travelers who admire us a lot but never show how much they love us nor we can My dad, the one who helped me find my path once again. I was like a lost child, he held my hand and let me walk unless I was able to walk again by myself. Whenever I just to stop my journey, he pleaded to keep moving on. I love you, dad a lot another one regret of my life was that I was never able to tell him how important he is for me and always wanted to thank him for all he did.
                                         Let's again come back to the story, After several weeks and months of my mom's demise I was unable to recover from my life deadliest wound and it took a long while to do so. My father helped me a lot in this phase. I was supposed to be the support walking stick for him but rather than that when I found what I have to do next.
                                         November 13,1885, the day when my life changed again. I became the person with the purpose who knows what I need to do my remaining journey. In the morning, I was sitting in the garden having the tea and I was just, looking to the sky. I didn't notice when my father came and sat next to me. When he said, "Hey !! son ", I was awakened from my daydream
                       "Listen, son, I need to talk to you" 
                       "Yes, dad. What it is ?"
                       "How long will you be holding in a place?"
                       "What dad. I didn't get it."
                        "Look, son. It's life and we all are traveler"
             "Many people who started with us don't make it end us. So, you need to come out through it. We both loved your mom but now she is on her new journey and we need to carry out our."   
                                  "Yes, dad I understand it but I don't know in which oath should I walk on."
                        "Here is something that I got for you and figure it out where you need to go"
                                                           After saying that he handed me an envelope and went inside the house. I was looking at the envelope and after some time I finally opened it. There was a letter inside it and it was written by a mom 

Dear son,
                           I sometimes wish you were still small and the time stops forever so that I could see you smiling forever. With the passing phase of time, you grew up to be big and strong and tall, but your smile that used to enhance my heart started to fade away. You are just growing up and you didn't realize when you lost the kid within yourself that made your beautiful life. I closed my eyes for a moment and suddenly a man stood where my little boy used to be. I may not be able to carry you in my arms but I always carry you in my heart.
                                                      Son, time flies so quickly when you think you more time to go. You know when I was young I was too enthusiastic, jolly and always like to explore new things and I did too. I traveled to0 many places and had got many lifetime memories. The young and enthusiastic lady is still present to me in my old age. I think I might not go to long in my life journey but one thing is certain that I lived my every moment of life and I want you to do so.
                                               Son, I want you to live the moment. You get your whole journey in front of you and you can make it. You had a dream when you were young and I think it's time to go for you and get it.
                                     My son today I am proud of you. I looked in your eyes and saw all my hopes and dreams come alive in you. I love you more than you will ever know! For now for always till my last days are done. I loved you long before you were born and long after I am but a memory of my love will always be with you
               "Hope we will meet again son, now or new journey
                                                                                                                Love you forever
                                                                                                                     Your mom

                                                                                                  be continued!  
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