A new day with a new sunrise and a new beginning of life. The first day of the last year of the decade will bring all the happiness and joy to your life. It's a journey of thousands of miles , live your life with the pleasure, peace, and smile.

A time to say goodbye and a time to say hello. Hey , it's a happy new year with new joy and happiness and as well as a lots of love. A new door to new world have just opened for and get ready to walk in with a cheerful smile in a face. You are going to explore new things and new beginning with the new year. And a new life a new person , who left behind the darkest days and ready to see the brightest day.

What the new journey with the start of new year will bring the things up to you depends upon how you gonna bring up in the new year. I know sometimes times might be bad , things were getting worse and you might have to go through many things but you have overcomed all these. It's not always about the life goes on but it's about how u take it. A year of your life have passed away just like a chapter of a story. Now with the start of new year , a new chapter of the story start and same like as other stories goes on the way how the writer wants , your chapter of the story will be written by you. Your actions at the moment are the words for the story that you gonna write. Always remember a story have everything , sadness , sorrow , obstacles , joy and happiness. And it's all what a story contains and your story will too contain it. Take everything along with you and live the moment how you wanted to. Never be upset if things aren't going well because they too are the part of life and you have to take it as your own . After every dark night , a bright sunrise will surely gonna come . So after your bad days , u will also have your good ones. You will going to welcome the new things that have never happened after the new year. Move on from the lost past with smile from the start of a new year.

Last thing that I wanted tell to tell u is that never expect anything from others. Because sometimes our expectations hurts us more than anything ever could.

And never forget those you were with you in your lowest lows to the darkest nights , the one whole holder you when you were fallen . Especially love your parents more than anyone in your life because everyone can be fake except them.

                                                                                                                                       -The Writers
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