GIFTS OF HAPPINESS

                          With  the flow of time, dipped into the ponds of sorrows and happiness,
                   And we have just walked through the roads of life.
                     Our hopes and  with faith connected to joy and beauty of life, 
                      We just wanted to smile looking to the sky. 
                                                                    It's being a while since the little kids smiled 
      so let's take a break from our daily busy life and enjoy the perfect moment of Christmas 
      time, bringing the smile in there face for a while.

                                               Hope the Christmas time brings the cheers and smile 
     in everyone's face filled up with the faith and heart of kindness.

                                              To everyone, whoever reading this my friends, families, loved ones and the one who is smiling far and wide. I just wanna tell you ," Hey!! cheer up and smile". Just take a break from everything and enjoy the christmas time with a wide smile and just be ready for the gifts of happiness that you will be going to get from the god's grace. Happiness is knocking the doors of your lives.
                                                    Your life might have been harsh, the days might have been worst but, hey!! don't be sad it's all the part of life, give all the pains and sorrows of life to the jesus (god) and be ready to unwrap the life most memorable and beautiful gifts of life filled with a spices of happiness, joy, enjoyment with glow in eyes and charm in a face.

                                                               No matter whether your pocket is handfull of money or 
          you are a bit short of it.
It doesn't matter at all;
          You just need a smile in your face too give your loved one's gifts
          Had a gift small or had a gift big,
          had a gift expensive or less costly
          it doesn't matter, just it need to be from your heart with a lots of love,
          holding the feelings and emotions for your loved ones

           May be santa is real or not 
           but you can be santa for someone's life
           because you can bring the smile in their face by 
           giving them the  gifts of happiness and joys.
              PLEASE SMILE  : ) : ) : )     
                 MERRY  MERRY   
           TO ALL         
                                                                                                                            FROM YOUR PAL                                  
                                                                                                                             -THE WRITERS
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December 26, 2019 at 9:07 AM ×

Wow such a nice pics of work

December 26, 2019 at 9:11 AM ×

Hello.. I am Roy from Canada and this story is so amazing and I loved it so much